Gray Matter Zone

Optimism in dark time and regular life in the Middle East

I went to sleep last night after a talk about an eventual war coming – again – this time in the north. Today, two early calls woke me up, two calls about a terror attack in a bus this morning. One call was from my sister. It’s her bus. The one she’s taking everyday to go to work. She wasn’t inside. She was too tired and didn’t wake up in time.

I want to be optimistic today. I want to be thankful and not dramatize.
After all, My sister was late today and didn’t take that bus.
After all, everyday in my job, I talk to very brave people from all over the Middle East that dare to smile and live, that dare to tell me “We are not enemies, no matter where I live, no matter where you live and no matter what we live. No matter what our governments say and even if we don’t agree on everything”. We agree on our mutual right to live. Even if… well, just look at what’s going on here and around. Look at the Middle East! Maybe some of us don’t agree after all…
But we have hope. We have expectations. Here in Israel we are waiting for the coming elections. Is it going to get better or worse? For us, for our neighbors. Are we going to understand that we are together and that we have to fix our issues together? Many of us already do.
You are right Uri Savir, we have the same fear and the same hopes here and there! We are all looking for change! Many of us understand how vital it is. We want it to happen. We want to make it happen.
Yes, I really want to be optimistic today. I’m gonna lie to my parents when they will wake up and ask me the news, like I did last summer. They are going back to Paris today. I’m gonna tell them that everything is okay and try to believe it! But I have this song in my head…


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