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Israel/ Iran: Day of the future pass

Yesterday, Benjamin Netanyahu gave his speech in the United States of America, in front of the congress…. Whatever.I didn’t listen to the speech, didn’t watch it, refused to read any article about that for now. It’s not a real boycott. I think I know what he said, nothing new really.

Of course, it’s a good timing! To talk about Iran wiling to destroy Israel one day before the celebrations of Purim and less than two weeks before the Israeli elections: it’s perfect! We’ll see about that…

In the meantime, while some leaders are talking about war or not, nuclear or not and who will decide and knows better, the USA, Iran or the future EX-Prime Minister of Israel….

In the meantime, while we are celebrating the Queen Esther who saved the Jewish people from ancient Persia….

In the meantime, I think it’s nice to see and show and share that WE people can build bridges with our so called enemies. We can learn and evolve. We can do better….

Happy Purim, full of happiness! Let’s celebrate! Let’s not forget the past, WE need to learn from it how not to make the same mistakes all over again!!


One comment on “Israel/ Iran: Day of the future pass

  1. socialinform
    March 4, 2015

    A wise decision. You did not lose anything.

    Israeli sources + Christian Science Monitor
    Netanyahu is telling the lie about nuclear weapons in Iran since 1992. He said in 92 that Iran is 3-5 years away from having the bomb:

    2012 He made a big show in front of the UN that Iran will soon have nuclear weapons, already knowing the Mossad reports that were saying that Iran is not even trying to build nuclear weapons:

    Also at home he is lying:

    Here a report on YNet (right wing Israeli news) about Nuclear Iran:

    US intelligence agencies see it the same way:

    Iran has not attacked other countries for hundreds of years, so why would Iran attack a nuclear armed Israel?
    Because Iran’s leaders are crazy or not rational? Well, I doubt that, and so does Israeli General Benny Gantz:

    Iranians have nothing against the people of Israel or Jews at all. Please take a careful look at these posts:


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