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This is International Women’s day, let’s see what men have to say!

Today is the International women’s day.

It’s weird, I feel honored and insulted in the same time. I’m thinking: “One day! What about the 364 other days!? What about our equality, not yet won anywhere in the world!” Indeed, if we hear a lot about the inequality between men and women in the Middle East and in Africa, so far, not even in one country women have the full same rights than men. Not in Europe, nor in the United States.

But I woke up and saw some hope when I opened Internet today. This is what I saw, read and heard from men who stand for equality, for women rights and empowerment everyday. This are the messages from young men from the Middle East and North Africa to us – women from all over the world.

Here you go Ladies, “Men of the MENa”!

– “ Why do I stand for gender equality? That shouldn’t be even a question! I am for gender equality because it makes sense!  Why I think equality is right? Because it’s equality! It’s either equality or inequality, there is no middle ground, and I don’t think it’s fair that we are in 2015 and women are still oppressed. In my opinion – and don’t take this the wrong way – international women’s day is stupid and very sexist. Why would anyone set a day for gender that represents half of the world’s population? Sharks and horses have a week of celebration! My point is, posting for a cause only once a year won’t make the world better. And having a day to celebrate women is in my opinion is patronizing and demeaning….”– Mouad, Morocco.

 “For all women i know or don’t know; my mother, my girl, my friends, my sisters, my teachers, my partners… happy woman day! And don’t worry i will be there, always, to save your rights.” –  Rami, Palestine

– “The day the world will see true durable peace is the day women take the wheel.” “Every day is Women’s Day” …but, you know, it’s the social convention … Happy International Women’s Day!” – Mohamed, Sudan.

– “Don’t call for equality only, you can be better than us!”  – Ahmad, Palestine.

“Let no one dictate to you who you are and what you can or cannot do, what you should or should not do – including people who tell you to not let anyone dictate to you who you are and what you can or cannot do, what you should or should not do!”  – Yair, Israel.

– “In this day, I would like to say to women all over the world: “I love you!”– Ahmed, Sudan.

– “There’s a lot of words… But i can say happy women day!” – Ali, Iraq.

– “Fight until every day of the year becomes yours!”  – Abdou, Algeria.

– “She is my mum, my sister, and my second half. One day is not enough for her. Happy peaceful woman day!” – Muntaser, Palestine.

– “On the International Women’s day I bow in respect and appreciation to the gender that gives this world and life a beautiful taste. My thoughts on this special day go to all the ladies out there, the true fighters, builders, safety nets, pioneers and much more.” – Bachar, Lebanon.

– “i believe that the whole life should be a women’s day… I don’t believe in women’s day. It is lame for me to have just one day to appreciate the women’s presence, in just one day while the rest is basically a “non-women” day. Women must be recognized the whole year round, and without them, there wouldn’t even have any “days” to talk about. So for me women are the essence of life.

Normal approach? Hmm A big appreciation to my mother whom from her I see the great example of women. The one who stands for her rights, who fights for what she believes in and the one who is bright in both of her professional life and personal one.”  – Taha, Tunisia.

– “I’d say nothing. I’d listen. And I mean it – I don’t have a message to women, I’d rather listen to what they have to tell me and teach me.”  – Yuval, Israel.

– “It is really nice to have you in the world , I feel blessed to have a mother , a sister and hope to have a lover and a daughter to be surrounded by your kindness and emotions that makes me alive.”  – Hany, Egypt.

“I just wanna say … 1 . men are nothing without you .. 2 . Behind every successful man, a woman supports him 3 . For all women .. be open-minded and raise a great generation.”  -Osama, Yemen.

“All i want to say is “keep fighting for your rights” – Eray, Turkey.

“They are our mothers and sisters and lovers so they won the world and like our prophet Muhammad said: the heaven is under your mother’s leg.  So they are everything for us.”  – Muhammad, Iraq.

More messages are coming! 🙂


2 comments on “This is International Women’s day, let’s see what men have to say!

  1. A Woman
    March 8, 2016

    This is fucking stupid. Sure, women need help in many developing countries – namely those in the Middle East and Africa – but in the Western world we have full rights and then some. Do some actual research before you become a “journalist” you hack.

    Oh, wait, you’re Jewish. THAT explains everything.


    • graymatterzone
      July 23, 2017

      Hi and thank you for sharing your thoughts… But what’s your point exqctly?


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