Gray Matter Zone

You’ll see …

We, the people who live in Israel and Palestine and who have tried to go along together, we are desperate right now. Bibi again, we all know what it means. We all fear how bad it can become. We remember…
We know that one more time,our hope for a solution ran away. So Peace won’t be for now but it will be!
We need to work hard to make it possible, to make it happen!
We need to understand the fears of our people.
We need to stop being our own enemy!
We need to keep hope!
We must remember that there is no other way for us.
We need to be prepared for what’s coming, again because we still have a lot to lose, but also so much to gain!
We need to prepare our people for another way.
We must talk to this other who didn’t vote like us as much as we need to keep talking with our neighbors.
We have to offer a vision for a better future that will convince the majority. Together!
Please, stay my friend for peace.


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