Gray Matter Zone

We must now face our own dark side!

So a few weeks ago, our new minister of religious affairs, Mister David Azoulay said:  “Only people respectful of tradition and Jewish law should be considered Jewish. The followers of Reform Judaism who don’t respect the ways of Jewish thought, I cannot consider them as part of the Jewish people (sic, seculars…etc) […]”

Too bad that the inquisitors from Spain and Portugal, the pogrom perpetrators and the Nazis didn’t think like you, then maybe they wouldn’t have killed so many of us. Too bad that it’s too late to explain them: “no, don’t kill them, don’t bother, those aren’t Jewish, since they mix meat and cheese!” Yes, too bad…

So by the way, who are the real Jews?

The “Women of the Wall” who want to read the Torah scroll at the Holy Western Wall aren’t, you said.

Are the youth who burnt a church a few weeks ago religious enough to be called Jewish for you?

Is this man who stabbed 6 people on Thursday, at the Jerusalem Gay pride a real Jew, following your criteria?

Are they too, those who burned a Palestinian home, seriously wounding a family, burning their baby to death?

After all, they eat Kosher food, They keep Shabbat. They pray more than I do…

No! No matter what you think, I am Jewish. I don’t eat kosher, my Rabbi is a woman, and nevertheless, I am Jewish. As for those criminals, the terrorists who killed an Israeli teenager and a Palestinian baby, I wish I could say that they are not, but unfortunately, they are Jewish too. We love to say that terrorism has no religion, then we are not guilty of the crimes committed in its name, but the terrorists of this last days have mine and nothing good will come from denying this fact. It will not prevent the next murder. Those people, they don’t bother killing in our name. Those people killed a teenager and baby and they are no less Jewish than me, who mix milk and meat in my food. I condemn their act as such, since doing it as a human being isn’t enough.

Because I am Jewish, and even if my religion is not the one to blame, more than seeing the last terror attacks as isolated incidents, rather than trying to hide the dark side that is growing and fermenting in this country while we look the other way, we have to face it, fight it and quickly! We mustn’t let an ounce of legitimacy to the fanatics who preach hatred as an expression of Judaism! Muslims, Christians or Jewish, secular or religious, heterosexual, homosexual, men and women…We are all the potential victims of fanatics and today, it’s time to face our own terrorism.

Because there are some Jews who believe and want us to believe they are more Jewish than us. There are some Jews who believe and would have us believe that it is that, being Jewish. Because there are some Jews who killed a baby, but they would like me believe that what I eat is a more serious offense than what they do in the name of our religion.

Those, I accuse.


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