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Shabbat Shalom and Juma Mubarak, indeed!

I have to admit that I’m a lot on Facebook: I work from it, read from it, I communicate via Facebook with people from more and more different countries year after year… I kind of became a Facebook person. I wouldn’t be proud of it if it wasn’t for all those people from those different countries that I’m talking to!

You know, you read the news about the Region you live in. For me, it’s the Middle East, Israel to be exact, so you can imagine how much horrible can be the things I read in the news; not only the sad reality of the conflict, terrorism, the occupation and wars, but all the trolls who spread hate even more than politicians. Really, it’s pretty unbelievable how much hate people can feel and share about those very specific subjects: Israelis, Palestinians, Jews, Muslims and Arabs… Some dude is gonna start with something like “Evil-Jews-who-want-to-control-the-world’’ and another one will answer him “you-fucking-islamist-troll-who-want-to-destroy-the-world” and so on… Then another guy, maybe from somewhere in England or in the United States is gonna say “Hitler didn’t kill enough Jews”, or maybe that’s this other one who say “Hitler should have kill the Muslims too”. Bla bla bla….

No, of course, it’s not those people or their blogs, articles, videos and comments that I’m talking about, and I still don’t enjoy to read about the sad reality of the region either. I’m talking about YOU guys! Yes, you my buddies from Gaza; you the ginger bird from Turkey, Syria, Yaffo, the world where sing together elephants and penguins; you from Pakistan, full of good energy; you the lady in Brazil, Gaya of peace; you the nice people from Syria, still spreading smiles, far away from your families; you my friends from Iraq and Yemen, struggling for your life but always positives; you dear people of Iran and from Israel who became friends even after years of propaganda against each other from both governments; you from Jerusalem Est and West, Hebron, Bethlehem and Ramallah, Israelis, Palestinian, Muslims, Jewish, Christian, seculars and religious who dare to speak and meet and become friends beside the odds, beside everything! You, people from YaLa Young Leaders and the Peace-Factory… And no, I don’t forget the feminist men of Sudan, and the young hopes from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. Actually, I’m kind of counting on you to show the way!

You know, one of the thing that I kind of enjoy lately is to read you all on Friday. On this day, many of you will write some ‘Shabbat Shalom’ and ‘Juma Mubarak’ in Hebrew, Arabic and English, no matter where you are from, where you live, your religion or if you are religious or not. Sometime, one is going to write these blessings and post it with a story and a picture of Jerusalem, then an Israeli woman is going to answer with a picture of Tel Aviv, another one with a picture of Gaza and so on. Well, it might be stupid but I like it! Then, I really start my Shabbat full of shalom!

So the next time that I will write something about the Middle East, I can write that there is still fanatics, terrorism, racism, corruption and wars, but that there is peace too!


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